Desktop Publishing (DTP) – the perfect layout for your translation

Not only do we translate, we also offer print-ready documents in all formats. With us, you get everything you need from a single source, from a high-quality translation to the right layout for your translation:

  • Typesetting: Layout and design for books, brochures, magazines etc.
  • Pre-press: Editing of images and text, right up to the final ready-to-print file
  • Graphics and scans: Data is created in the form of diagrams and graphics, paper originals are digitised by scanning
  • Text capture: Capture of texts based on templates in nearly all languages, also dictation in German
  • Transcription: Transfer of digital and analogue recordings of interviews, discussions, lectures etc. into digital files
  • Proofreading
  • Editing of existing texts
  • Incorporation of foreign-language texts into an existing layout


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